Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Sweetness of Solace

This week we had a great friend come through and pay a wonderful visit while on tour. We met well over 14 or more years ago, and though we haven't spent a lot of time together, the times we have connected over these years have been wonderful times of learning and sharing together.

Friendship is a vital ingredient to making our lives full and complete. There are times in our lives that become a proving ground of what our friendships can endure, withstand and outlast. We have all experienced incredible seasons of contrast in relationships when these 'times of testing' come.

The Sweetness of Solace is a by-product of those enduring relationships that have been witness to the ups and downs and curves in the road as we travel covering miles of terrain and distance. I love words, and so I looked up the defenition of 'Solace' as this is a word that has been on my tongue over the last couple of days,

Definitions of solace on the Web:
  • consolation: the comfort you feel when consoled in times of disappointment; "second place was no consolation to him"
  • comfort in disappointment or misery
  • comfort: give moral or emotional strength to
In reflection, we all have 'voices' in our lives that have been a source of Solace in those times of dissapointment, misery, or when we just needed some moral support.  I am learning as I go through life, the importance and value of 'solace'. Not just for me, but for others that I am in relationship with. Recieving 'solace' can sometimes be the key to success for an individual or meer survival for the broken-hearted. How we give 'solace' is so critical sometimes. Sometimes 'solace' is a word, or other action, or a deed. However its offered, the facts are...its a great welcome when given and recieved. Forming a stronger bond at times that is life changing.

I watch how our horses give 'solace' to one another. Those gentle nuzzles, or stepping closer to comfort where there is fear. I love when Belle approaches Liberty when she has become 'shaken' over something unfamiliar and he will just give her a head rub, or allow her to just step in really close to where she is literally pressing against him. Its a beautiful picture of 'comforting'.

My prayer, is that I become a greater aroma and flavor of 'solace' in the lives of others. Its a real challenge because it requires us to lower our walls of expectation and judgment towards each other. 'Solace' really is a greater expression of 'Love'.

I hope as walk through your week this week you have the opportunity to 'taste and be tasted' as that sweetness of solace...

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